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Frequently Asked Questions

How does curation work?

We track around 30 of the most popular sites, looking at their articles and how often they're being shared. Doing this enables you to quickly and easily see which articles are popular right now and then posting them on your own site so that you can be ahead of the trend. This service supports two different modes of posting content - manual posting (which is done on the main dashboard) and Auto Post Jobs (which makes posts on your blog based on settings you define). While automated posting is great for hands off operation, we always suggest you do manual curation if you have the time. That little amount of human review goes a long way.

How do I set up and use Trending Traffic on my blog?

It's super easy and you can be up in under two minutes! Just watch this quick video and follow the 5 quick steps.

A post that I see has a broken image or odd characters. What do I do?

Sorry about that! When you're looking at the post details, just click the Report Bad Post button so we can take a look at it. Sometimes sites make changes that break our curation engine and we need to fix it. We strive to make sure 95% of the content comes in clean, so please keep that in mind.

Is curating content like this legal?

The beauty of the web is that articles are shared and edited and curated so great that content is seen everywhere. It is generally accepted that you should put a link back to the originating source to credit them and ideally add your commentary on what you post to add value. At the same time it's frowned upon to copy articles and not attribute the source - that's plagarism. If you have specific questions and this is a big worry, you should always contact an attorney for their official opinion. Each jurisdiction will have different rules and regulations you'll want to be aware of.

I get an error message when I try to post to my blog. How do I get it to work?

It sounds like your hosting provider may be blocking xmlrpc.php, which is a sadly common (and ineffective) security practice. This page is what we need to call to make posts.

Try adding following lines into .htaccess file of your blog and try adding the site again in Trending Traffic. (You can ask your hosting provider to do this for you if you're unsure what to do)

<FilesMatch "xmlrpc\.php$">
order deny,allow
deny from all
allow from

Note: There may be a security plugin or other service that could be causing this too. If the above doesn't get things working, please send in your WP login info so we can take a deeper look.

Why do I need an indexing service for my blog?

With Trending Traffic, we post new and popular articles to your blog automatically. However, Google doesn't find or index around 90% of content on the web. By using an indexer like One Hour Indexing, we'll automatically submit new posts we create so that you get maximum Google love, show up higher in the rankings, and get the extra traffic we all want.

I'd like to automatically translate posts as they come in from TT. How can I do that?

Just install TT Translator plugin on your blog and you need to set up a free Bing API account and add in the Client ID and Client Secret from their system. You'll need to follow the instructions exactly from this Microsoft page. (It's very easy to follow but be sure not to skip ahead!)

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